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Working Papers

Global Real Rates: A Secular Approach
Gourinchas, P.O., Rey, H.
Date Published: (in progress)
Abstract    Paper   

Financial Cycles with Heterogeneous Intermediaries
Coimbra, N, Rey, H
Latest Draft: 01 Mar 2017
Abstract    Paper   

Real Interest Rates, Imbalances and the Curse of Regional Asset Providers at the Zero Lower Bound
Gourinchas, P.O., Rey, H.
Latest Draft: 01 Sep 2016
Abstract    Paper   

World Asset Markets and the Global Financial Cycle*
Miranda-Agrippino, S., Rey, H
Latest Draft: 25 Oct 2015,   First Draft: 06 Feb 2012

Financial Integration and Growth in a Risky World*
Coeurdacier N., Rey H., Winant P.
Latest Draft: 08 Dec 2015,   First Draft: 01 Jul 2012

Exorbitant Privilege and Exorbitant Duty*
Gourinchas, P.O., Rey, H., Govillot, N.
First Draft: 01 Aug 2010
Abstract    Paper   

Global Portfolio Rebalancing under the Microscope^
Hau H., Rey H.
Date Published: (In progress),   First Draft: 01 Jul 2008
Abstract    Paper   

'Aggregation Bias' DOES Explain the PPP Puzzle
Imbs J., Mumtaz H., Ravn M., Rey H.
Date Published: 26 Aug 2005
Abstract    Paper   

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