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Period: 2013-2019

I follow the NBER Research Disclosure Policy: http://www.nber.org/researchdisclosurepolicy.html

No single relationship (other than my salary from London Business School) has accounted for more than 10 percent of my aggregate annual income in a year.

Significant Remunerated Activities:

Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel, Banque de France (2010-2015)

No expert testimony for law suits or paid consulting work for private cooperation to date. 

Research Grants and prizes:
ERC Advanced Grant (2016-2020)
ERC Starting Grant (2008-2013)
Maurice Allais Price (2017)
Carl Menger Preis (2014)

Yrjö Jahnsson Award (2013)
Birgit Grodal Award (2012)
Neubergh Lecture (2013)

2018-              Elected Foreign correspondant of the Academie des Sciences Morales et Politiques
2016-              Elected Foreign Member of the American Academy of Arts and Science
2016-              Co-Editor Annual Review of Economics
2013-              Elected Fellow of the Econometric Society
2011-              Elected Fellow of the British Academy
2013-              Fellow of the European Economic Association
2008- 2015      Review of Economic Studies Board Member
2009-               Associate Editor of the AEJ: Macroeconomics Journal
2015- 2017      Academic Director of the AQR Institute of Asset Management at London Business School

Member of CEPR and of NBER

Significant Non-Compensated Activities:

2017-               Chair of the Scientific Council of GENES (group of universities).
2015-               Member of the Haut Conseil de Stabilité Financière (French Macroprudential Authority)
2012-               Member of the Conseil d'Administration de Toulouse School of Economics
2012-               Member of the Comite Executif of the Institut d'Etudes Avancees de Toulouse
2010-2012       Conseil d’Analyse Economique (non partisan Council of economic Advisors to the French Prime Minister)
2012-               Commission Economique de la Nation (non partisan Council of economic Advisors to the French Finance Minister)
2010-                Advisory Board of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)
2015:                Member of the Jury of the Yrjö Jahnsson Award
2015:                Member of the Jury of the BBVA Foundation award
2013-                Member of the Scientific Committee of the Institut Louis Bachelier
2009- 2010       Member of the Scientific Committee of AXA Research Foundation
2009- 2015       Scientific Committee of CEPII
2013-                Scientific Committee of the Graduate School of economics Barcelona
2013-                Member of the Board of the Centre for Macroeconomics (LSE, UCL, Cambridge, NIESR)
2009-                Scientific Committee of Institut Montaigne
2011- 2013       Member-at-Large of the Council of the European Economic Association
2010- 2015       Council on the International Economic and Policy Reform (Brookings-Sloan Foundation project)
2010- 2018       World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the International Monetary System
2008- 2013       Member of the Council of the European Economic Association
2008- 2012       Member of the Council of the Royal Economic Society
2006-                Member of the Bellagio Group on the International Economy


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